dealsbioshock and bioshock 2 bundle pc video game for…


Note that these games cannot be activated through Steam - you must use Gamefly's own software. Huge downer, but still worth the price!


Someone was just telling me over the last weekend to pick these up if I hadn't if I could find them cheap. I think this qualifies. Thanks!


@zedavatar: I thought the same thing as I was buying it. But, 3.99 ... that kind of makes up for it I think.


@jha1223: Unless you have a bunch of other gamefly titles, I bet you never play them. At least, that seems to be the case for me with Origin vs Steam. If it ain't on steam, it don't get played. (Why does every publisher think "Hey, we've got to have our own distribution platform so we can compete with Steam"? They can't compete. All they can do is annoy their users with yet another rinky-dink, poorly implemented obstacle that stands between their customers and their games, and push their games out of sight and out of mind.


Tempting since I don't have BioShock 2, but like everyone else says, "Really, Gamefly?" I'll wait until the Steam summer sale and hope.


So I can't just buy the discs, pop them in my PC and play? Hoe are they supposed to "activate" my purchased games?