dealsregal cinemas - free soft drink w/ small popcorn…


@purplefeather Regal allows up-sizing for the difference in posted prices.


Dude, that's like a $20 coupon!


@13deals: Yeah, sneaking candy and sodas into the movie is a tradition. I do usually get a bag of popcorn though. It's just not the same when made at home. I don't know why they can't just make the coupon for a large popcorn and soda. It really doesn't cost them any more to differentiate between sizes.


Yeah! Spend $7 on a popcorn and get a $5 soda free! Orrrrrr have your girlfriend use that over sized purse and get an even better "deal" ;)


No Regal Cinema's here or I'd be loading up a bunch of browers!


@dan72588: Thats cool, just didn't want to have someone elses code, then go to use it and it not be valid anymore. Thanks.


Dan72588 is correct. I removed cookies for that site and shift-reloaded and got a different barcode.


@krock24: Yes, if you have 2 different web browsers on your PC, you can try it that way. It will generate a different bar code per person (per browser).


Is this a valid offer for many uses? It says the code can only be scanned once and is deactivated after that. The link says email as if it was emailed to someone. I closed the browser and went back in, and the code on the scan label (not a regular bar code) did not change.