dealsacronis true image 2013 software and nuanceā€¦


For anyone who owns an internal Western Digital drive, you can snag the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software (basic) for free from WD - just plug in your model # and see "Available Software".


$5 after a $75 rebate? Stay away. These overly expensive rebates are often scams where you never get that money back, or at least many people don't.

When you buy something with a rebate, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to buy the product even if the rebate never comes. If it's $10 off of a $50 thing that you wanted anyway, that's not a big deal. If you pay $80 for these two programs and the $75 rebate check never comes, are you still going to think you got a decent deal?


@cleverett: Tigerdirect has a good reputation and they want to keep it that way. They deliver on the rebates. I know, I've done it before. So, you may not want to jump to conclusions like you just did.


@theraven: Then the rebate would be an instant rebate. Rebate programs count on a certain percentage of "breakage".


TIGER DIRECT stuck my son for a $175.00 rebate. Neither my son or I will ever deal w/Tiger Direct again!!!