dealsmaestro by gibson - 6-string parlor-size acoustic…


This deal is no longer available. Must have only been good for one day.


It may have been a one day deal.Even at 59 bucks,it's still a pretty good deal,that's what I bought my first one for.
At 29,it was a tremendous bargain.When I bought this one,I thought that the action would be too high,and it would be difficult to play(a problem with cheaper guitars),but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the action was low and very easy to play.I have 3 other guitars,an old Epiphone,a Dean,and an Esteban model(I don't play that one too much,but it sure is pretty to look at with it's Turquoise inlay!),so I know what a quality guitar plays and sounds like,and for the money,this is a great little guitar.Sure it's not a Martin,but it's under 100 bucks,and you are hard pressed to find a guitar nowadays for under 100 that is decent.
This would be a great guitar for beginners,or like me,something to play outside(while I'm laying in my hammock!),and not worry about messing it up.