deals65 piece deluxe feather hair extension kit with…


I openly laugh at people with feathers in their hair.


no real feathers to go with this cindy lauper hair deal?

bring back the 80's?


No "tools" needed for this deal...just purchase them and you automatically qualify as one.


if these were a lot cheaper they might be a cute novelty gift for a little girl.


@blackstones83: well if we are dicks, then we are male. also its the interweb not internet. now please go bake me some cookies


@blackstones83: Intelligence and the ability to spot a crap deal for cheap garbage has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with IQ.

I was born with boobs and 2 XX chromosomes and no "y's". I posses neither twig nor berries. Don't call me a dick because I can do basic research and do not desire to piss money away on garbage.

There are all sorts of products that are not complete s*. This item is not among them.


Seriously? This crap again? I had to call and treaten them to send us our items we ordered. If web sites could be banned, this should be one of them. Worst customer service in history! Stay away!


@fit410s: Hey tubby that only works if your paychecks amount to >$100,000 or your willie is >10" . Anything smaller than that gets you a PB&J sammich...if we are in there already and feel like making it for you. No promises about using clean utensils to make said PB&J either.


@orphicdragon: fair enough. i will make it myself lol


@orphicdragon: So I guess some fried chicken is out of the question? I'll do that awe shucks thing with my eyes and I probably won't wear my socks to bed this time...


Had to contact them to get them to send mine last time this deal was up and that was after a month from the order being placed. These aren't real feathers either they're just colored fake hair with black spots on them


Joke of the day! Thanks for the laugh!


If this is from CS Bling for hair run for zee hills!!!! I ordered three of these for my daughters for Xmas in EARLY November and they didn't arrive till AFTER Xmas AND they came in two shipments a week apart. By far my worst Woot experience EVER!!!


@blackstones83: oooooorr, maybe they have good enough taste to see that these are ridiculously stupid.


what is it with bad deals on woot this week? yesterday it was the straight razor people that starts fights and today the cheesy feather.


@andyskitty: mmmm cheese...everything is better covered with cheese...


@andyskitty: And don't forget about the $5,000,000 used Blackberry a few days ago.


I purchased kit last time. Real garbage. They don't accept returns and I reported them to my credit card company and received a refund. Buyer beware.


They could take these and feather the bag-o-crap. Other useless waste of feather accessories now appearing at your local dollar store. Additionally, fashion mags have already announced this craze as more played than Joy to the World November 1st thru December 29th.


@hal2814: I didn't, I am still ticked about that..

Ya'll go get an iPhone!


You know whats cheaper than this deal?
Looking good without feathers! :)


WHAT???? I hope no one uses these on animals.........................or Mammals...

Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls.


Your school GPA is inversely proportionate to your girlfriend’s looks and vise versa.


@chefsean: There's no need to say "and vise versa" after that statement.

You must have a hot girlfriend. ;)