dealsturbotax discount 2013 all versions for $20.00


Not sure about this. It only gives you the option to pay later, and the fine print says the price will go up on 03/22. I think the only way you can get this price is to file early, and the fine print doesn't guarantee that will be the price when you file. Also, when you go to download and pay now page, the price is much higher. Too many potential gotchas here if you ask me.


Sorry I just noticed an error in the wording of the title - $20 only applies to the Deluxe version; all versions are discounted though.

jrsquonk - good point, it doesn't seem guaranteed to last but right not it is the best that I can find so it seems logical to make use of it if you are doing you taxes promptly this year.


Or check with your own financial institution: my credit union offers a free downloaded basic TurboTax (which is the version I use) and a significant discount on other versions.


If your state has an income tax go to your state tax site, if not go to IRS.GOV you maybe able to file for free.