deals6-pack lumb-r-grip coated steel hanger hooks…


Compare at $10 for only 4 hooks at Amazon, plus shipping (seven 5-star reviews):


These are great though a word of warning - the hooks will dig a hole into the beams.


Looks like some other good deals at this company, anyone ordered from them and are they pretty decent to deal with?
Looks like no returns unless the product is defective, so it's kind of a buy it you own it company but I can kind of understand since they are a daily deals site.


I've placed 20+ orders with DailySteals over in just over 2 years. Prompt ground delivery (~1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner) in most cases and products have always been as advertised. I've also had occasion to return a couple defective items -- they've issued call tags and refunds were processed with reasonable speed.
I would recommend ordering from them, and intend to do more business with them in the future.


@jjeff: I've ordered several things in the past with no issues. Would not be afraid to order again.


Thanks guys, I'm in for a set, also a couple other small things too!
Don't really know if I need the hooks but looks like a neat idea and I'm a sucker for a good deal.....;)


This is the worst web page I have ever tried to use. When I placed an order the web page blacked out and my computer returned to my home page. I tried this eight times with the same results. I never could place an order.
Tom Bowman