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@davidschronic: I've found it all depends on the connection you get; some games I can wreck face and it's enormous fun, other games I struggle to get a single frag (and it's not much fun at all).

I do like the new Pick 10 create a class system, I think I like how Prestiging works, and the weapons feel different and unique from one another.

I'm not really fond of the weapon unlocking system, but that's a fairly minor issue once you find guns you like (and all the guns are available to use in certain play modes if you want to try different builds).


nice find. Thanks.

@davidschronic. Any games will have lag not just COD.

This game actually better than the first BO. Very stable and less glitches. Fun game online and offline. Will not dissapoint.


@davidschronic: its like any call of duty game, lags for the first 9 months, then its fixed, then a new one comes out :D enjoy


Was going to pick this up for my little brother for Christmas, he likes to play MW online, anyone have any feedback on this game?