dealsthe acoustic blues box set - 198 tracks for $3.99


A great bargain but one, as an Amazon loyalist, I must reluctantly pass up.

There are only a handful of artists represented here, but they are the greats—Leadbelly, Ma Rainey, Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters, even a Woodie Guthrie or two.


@dupedyetagain: You could always handle it like so:
- buy tunes from Google
- upload to Amazon's Cloud
- listen within Amazon's Cloud Player, Android app, etc

I actually buy from both sources, and both Amazon and Google mp3 downloads play nice with iTunes for syncing with my iPod. I haven't needed to upload to Amazon's Cloud much so I can't speak to ease-of-use there.


I have almost all of these, but 320 k files/199 tracks/$3.99 is a winner!