dealsbowflex® selecttech® 552 dumbbells for $279.30…


Is there a code or anything? The link doesn't show it for that price.


Is there a Promo Code to get that price? I don't see that price when I click on the link.


It's only $399, marked down from $549! What else do you people WANT?!?!?

Oh wait, yeah . . . $279. That would be cool. How do I get it for that?


I still only see it for $399 with the free stand. How do get the $279 price?


Use the promo code MARCH I think.


Im getting too strong for these, but they are awesome. Really good for P90X


Just bought one! I've been waiting for these to drop again for months!
If you use code "March", you also get the stand for free. Altogether, came in at $296.06 with tax. =]


Seems like a great deal. I have an old set of adjustable dumbells and I hate having to take so much time to swtich the weights between excercising.

Thanks for posting!


@rpizzle: I agree, great dumbbells for p90x, but you grow out of them eventually. If the 1090s go on sale I might get a set...


Are these really worthwhile compared to picking up a set of bars and individual plates?

I mean, these look to be more than twice the price for the convenience factor they offer, and most of the comments I've seen elsewhere are 'I outgrew these, but they were great while they lasted!'. At least with plates you could just pick up larger plates when more weight is needed, instead of tossing out (or re-selling) these to buy an entirely new, higher-capacity set.


@talesin: I did P90x with a "traditional" set of adjustable dumbbells and I can honestly say it was really annoying. Because of the quick succession of excerises, I found myself taking longer to change the weights for each one, that it does just to do the excerice. I found this especially true with the shoulders/bi's/tri's patterns where you really need different weights.

It took me almost twice as long to get through a workout due to weight changes. I ordered this and I am very much looking forward to using these to speed through my workouts.

Plus you do get the stand, (for free, but does have value on it's own)which is always better for the back. Consider this included with the deal.


The link takes you to the order page, the promo code is at the top of the page "MARCH" it will give you the weights and stand for $279.30 tax is also added at checkout.


@tpkurtz: As links are redirected and pages change, it's always best to include them in your original post.


I looked at these, but decided on the a different brand:

These had higher ratings, and are cheaper, and have free shipping for Prime members.


Personally, I don't really like these. This is mostly due to the fact that regardless or the amount of weight on them, they remain full width (and they are quite wide). They also just don't feel that durable to me. I own a set of Iron Master Dumbbells I absolutely love but they are a bit pricy.

I generally recommend picking up resistance bands. They are awesomely convenient (especially for P90X), incredibly cheap, take up no room and in many ways are more versatile than dumbbells.


@luciddreamz613: resistance bands can't act as a door stop as well as these things do, which is what 90% of them are relegated on down to after a month's use...

[note: not against these by any means...i use the powerblocks myself (although admittedly they've been doorstops as of late)]

here's a good bench (price+quality both) to pair these things with: