deals1/4 mile potato cannon – city slicker tennis ball…


For anyone who buys this, I'd highly suggest using Static Guard spray, rather than hair spray. It can be found in any wal-mart type of store.

Reason being is that Hair Spray doesn't burn completely or cleanly, and after a few shots a film will start to develop, eventually gumming up the ignition system to such a point that it no longer functions.

Static Guard burns completely and cleanly, leaving no residue, and causing no issues to your ignition system!

So yeah.


Doesn't look like the tennis ball attachment is included.

Tennis Ball Attachment +$9.99


Old potato to young potato "Careful,it'll shoot your eye out kid"


Selling site says, "Potentially Dangerous."

I'd say it's "Kinetically Dangerous."


Starting fluid also works as a propellant.


Very dangerous, I recall seeing a guy in college building one and launching a potatoe that punched a hole in the side of a house that was being built, right through the sheet of press wood siding. So don't let your kids play with it or you could regret it big time.


Just as a heads up, these are considered weapons in a few states.


My brother and I did a home built potato cannon in high school - Significantly larger combustion chamber (more power), insanely long barrel (for increased accuracy of course) and used a carefully injected perfectly calibrated mixture of propane and pure Oxygen as the fuel (even more power). Used to fire potatoes farther than some lesser nations destroyers. We occasionally dabbled in other projectiles like 6' long wooden closet rods that would travel not nearly as far but were impressive for other reasons (the recoil was massive). Remarkably we have all our digits and limbs.


I would suggest making your own.


I bought one of these but after several uses the flame melted the interior plastic, rendering my tube useless. Going to make my own with parts from the hardware store next.