dealstrek light gear double hammock for $52.47 & 30…


Howdy Wooters! I'll be up for a bit making sure things kick off smoothly, as always if you have any trouble ordering, any questions, or anything I can help with at all just let me know.

If you're new to Trek Light Gear and need any reassurance just check the comments on our past deals, it's always amazing to hear from so many people who own our hammocks and are happy to share how much they love them. We ship as fast as we can, so in most cases you can expect to have your new hammock before the week is up. Looking forward to introducing lots of you to the joy of owning a TLG hammock, happy Wooting!

Seth Haber
Trek Light Gear | Founder, CEO


@treklightgear: Thanks for checking in. The community always appreciates having a connection to the company reps.


Absolutely love the double hammock I got through woot a year ago. Funny thing is it's the same colors as the one pictured. Nothing but a good experience with Trek Light :)


$8 domestic shipping on every order regardless of how many you purchase!


I keep getting the cost at $74.95...where is the 52.47 deal??? Deal seems expired


@notoriouscheech: You have to use the TREKWOOT coupon code at checkout I believe


I picked one of these up a couple of months ago. I've been camping with it twice. It is extremely light and very comfortable.

When used solo, it folds up and around you. So, it helps to keep the dew off of you while you sleep. It is, however, very thin. If it's a bit chilly out or breezy, then expect to lose a good deal of body heat from under you (if you're not sleeping in a bag).


Only 30% off hanging kits and the discount on the double hammock. Was going to order a single hammock as well, but that's up as full price even after getting to enter the discount code. Still a good deal, but the double hammock is huge.


I've had one of these for a couple of years, and I use it every time I go camping (3 or 4 times a year). I absolutely love it! While everyone else is setting up camp, I'm drinking. While everyone else is hungover breaking down their tents, I'm asleep. Couldn't be more happy with my purchase.

@treklightgear: Any chance for deals on the rain fly? They seem way more convenient than setting up a regular tarp.


@colbytitus: Thank You.

And thank you to whoever Voted me down. Its good to get that from time to time I suppose.


@drewski3420: No sales on the rain fly planned but there's a good chance we'll do one before the summer is up.

Just to be clear though, the rain fly packs down really small and the quality is far superior to any of the usual plastic-y tarps, but setting it up isn't necessarily much different - you tie a ridgeline cord overhead, drape the tarp over it and tie out or stake out the sides.


I loved my Trek Light hammock. This is most likely stupidity on my part, but I left it outside in the sunshine (very little rain in AZ) and in less than a year it wore through. There were no rips or holes... it just suddenly one morning tore straight across the width as I was turning over and I landed on a cinder block some child had placed under my hammock. So, there are benefits to the thin material, but these hammocks are most likely not meant to be left outside if you'd like them to last a long time. I just wish I would have known... I guess just a word to the wise...



A vote for the rain fly and the bug netting for my double hammock.


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