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Great movie, but this case is annoying. I see it out of the corner of my eye while watching TV and it always looks like it's upside down. I think it's a cool case, but I wish they hadn't done the same thing for the side of the case.


@novadeez: I rather like the ambigram lettering for The Princess Bride. I remember seeing it in stores for the first time and then turning it upside down and going oooooh. Yea, I'm lame like that.


No one else will know what an ambigram is. ;-)


@ckeilah: My apologies.

An ambigram is a way of writing that allows text to be read in multiple ways. In the case of The Princess Bride's 20th Anniversary releases, despite having the image turned upside down, because of the way the title is written, it will still read "The Princess Bride"

Click below for image:


I would like to do things to her in either position.


One of the best movies ever. Few movies do I watch over and over, and this is one of them. If it's not in your collection, it should be!


My Roller Derby name is Dread Pirate Robyn and I keep extra copies of this movie on hand to loan to people who don't get the name. It has been a $2 Black Friday deal for 2 years now at WalMart and I think I have 5 extra copies of that version...