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I hope that's not a suggestion for choosing your cage size! That dog can barely turn around in that cage. Unless you only intend to use it as a pen for brief times like when company comes over, get a larger cage for overnight or gone to work etc. Twice the length of the animal at the minimum. And if you bought it for them as a puppy, be sure to switch to a larger cage when the time comes.


Twice their length is way too big. It should be big enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in, no bigger. Rule of thumb for most breeds is to get one 6" longer than your dog and 6" taller.

Your best bet if you get a puppy is to get a crate that will last them a long time, then block off most of it so they're confined to an appropriate space within it.


I agree with the first comment. I think it's cruel to put a pet in a small cage. Why keep them confined in a small space? Maybe they need to stretch out at times. I would only use a crate/cage for a short period of time or to isolate a sick or recovering pet. I would love to get one of these just for when I rescue feral cats/kittens and they need to recover after spaying/neutering. Even then I would get a larger crate so I could put water + litter box in with the animal.


@korpo53: ::puts on Registered Veterinary Technician hat:: Spot on! Exactly what I tell my clients. Those who say that crate training a dog is cruel or confining either knows nothing about dogs or has not been using the crate correctly.

Dogs are den animals by nature. In general, they LIKE to have a small and confined area to call their own. If you make the crate small enough so the dog can only turn around, lay down and stand up comfortably, a crate is a valuable potty training tool, as a dog instinctively will not pee/poo in what it considers its den. Victoria Stillwell is BRILLIANT (:


Cats are not dogs, they require a different amount of space to be comfortable. Putting a cat in a crate not much bigger than them would not be appropriate.

What you think is cruel or small is irrelevant. What is relevant is what a dog thinks of the space, and dogs are most comfortable in an appropriate sized crate, that is, enough so they can stand and turn around and not much more. Too much space in their crate makes dogs think of the crate as a play area, which it isn't, it's a sleeping and resting area, and a sanctuary from the world when they need it.

Applying your feelings to a dog as if they were a furry person instead of a different species with different wants and desires is, in fact, cruel.


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