dealsserenity [ws] [blu-ray] for $5.00


Right after I thought I got a good deal at Wal Mart getting the DVD for the same price...


Not available for shipping and all stores in the LA or San Diego area say "unable to connect".


Grrrr, only reminds me that I am still pissed off this show was cancelled. Idiotic TV execs ruining TV since the beginning.


I don't have the blu-ray yet so I might have to order this, but I agree with jesterfx...watching Firefly and Serenity make me kind of sad now.


firefly deserved to be cancelled.


Oooo...I don't have this on bluray yet. But the nearest Frys is kinda a hike. Maybe Amazon will match the price.


Damn, I just bought this recently for $9. Can't really complain, though.

@kromo: In terms of ratings/viewership, I agree. You could throw Fringe in there as well, though I'm grateful we're getting a final (if shortened) season.


It's sold out. I wanted one but they're unavailable. Too bad. I liked the movie.


@lionbattery: it's just not available for shipping anymore. it's still available for pick up at a local store.


@carl669: Thanks, There's no Fry's near me so it didn't help.


They need to changes this site to "Movies and SD Cards.Woot"


@luke727: I paid $7.99 for it about a week and a half ago from Amazon. No tax, free shipping (I had an order total >$25), so I felt it was worth it. Got it w/in 3 days, didn't have to drive to a Fry's, and saved almost 75cents in tax. So, I feel like it was pretty much a wash for me, and you only paid a dollar more than I did.

Also, mine is a Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy. Not sure about the one @ Fry's---Blu-ray only???