dealsbrave the video game w/ $20 amazon credit and $8…


In for the PC version. awesome deal


Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.


@kromo: All of amazons promotions say that


It's definitely a good deal if you're getting the PC or DS versions ($29.99), but less so if you're getting it for a home console ($49.99). When all is said and done, if you trade it in, you're still investing a few bucks for a game that might not be worth those few bucks. Movie games tend to be stinkers, and they also tend to have low trade-in values. Still, getting a $20 credit and a free movie ticket takes some of the risk out of buying the game for a home console.


It might also be worth noting the PC version doesn't have a sticker on it that says it comes with a free admission to the movie. So it might wind up being the best deal if you get the DS version, get the Amazon credit, a free movie ticket, and then do the trade-in deal to Amazon for hopefully something like $5 the day it goes on sale.


@kromo: ... but they won't. That is most likely there for people who want to buy a hundred of these and think in some crazy way they will turn a profit.


sorry that was for the other versions. The windows is still 29.99


This turned out to be an AMAZING deal (I got the PC version). Just got an e-mail today about the $8 Brave movie credit: "When you ordered Brave, we believe you were expecting a free $8.00 movie admission to Brave in theaters with your purchase. While the PC version of the video game wasn’t eligible for the promotion, our messaging on the website was misleading. We're very sorry about this, so we've applied an $8.00 promotional credit to your account."

So, in the end, we got the game (PC) for only $2! AWESOME