dealslevi's 505 regular fit jeans 55% off for $19.99


How do you link the 505s and not the 501s?!?;

Same price, it's a discontinued style. Might just have to get me some.


@irockash: Thanks. I meant to mention those too. I'm more of a zip fly guy myself.


They're supposed to send you a 10% off coupon if you subscribe to their email thing, but I have yet to receive an email after an hour.

EDIT: Looked on another site, use the coupon SUBSCRIBE to get 10% off!


3 pairs of 501s for 63 and change (including shipping) thanks to the discount link. Very nice deal.


@carost: irockash's link sent me to 501s, actually.


The original link was for 505s, but they also have 501s at the same price. I've never actually owned 501s (GASP!), and was also iffy about the color, so I only ordered 1 pair.

Weird site though, I didn't receive an email confirmation or anything after placing an order. Maybe we'll see something during business hours.


Bought 501s and 505s from Bealls. They are not the same ones you find in department stores, for some reason they don't fit the same even with identical sizes. I live in Cali, so the bargain was totally lost once I sent mine back for exchange. For the extra $10 I'd rather get the current styles in a Macys, especially since I can try 'em on and return for free. Unless you like plain vanilla jeans, don't bother.


Don't forget cash back:
3% thru Ebates
3.5% thru Fatwallet
10% thru Bing

I've ordered from Bealls before; no problems.


LAME! I got an order confirmation later on. Then I received another email saying they won't be shipping because the item has been discontinued!

This was for the 501s, not sure about the 505s.


I recieved confirmation on my order (501s) and then later a confirmation that it was shipped. Maybe they just ran out of your size..


Deal appears dead - back to $32.99 / $34.99