dealsseagate barracuda 500gb sataiii - after rebateā€¦


It's worth noting that the rebate is actually on the Total Defense software, which must be installed and activated for the rebate to be validated. If you neglect to cancel the Total Defense subscription they will hit your credit card for another year's service. (Tiger Direct and their frigging rebates.)


This is barely cheaper per byte than larger drives. I got 3TB Barracudas for $150 each. These would cost $120 for the same amount if you could do the rebate 6 times, and would take up 6 slots in your case! Fine deal if you don't need much and are ok dealing with TD's rebate BS, though.


I tried a rebate for Total defense at xmas time and decided against giving a gift that would require the recipient to enter credit card info. The refund from total defense was pretty much the same hellish rebate process with items called one thing on the package and another on the refund form. Best I could get from their refund support was that they "thought" I was using the correct information. Be really sure before you sign up for this.


@maineman99: That's why I try to buy from Newegg when I can. The price is usually about the same (including the rebate) but Newegg is much more upfront about what you pay versus what you might get back if you jump through all the rebate hoops.


@bogus: Tiger Direct is just lousy with rebates. I think we all prefer getting a simple low price that isn't predicated on jumping through a bunch of hoops. This particular rebate offer is deliberately confusing. Caveat emptor.


Well, I recently got a $100 item from Tiger for free. True, it involved 3 rebates, but was easily worth it. Generally, I am happy with rebates, but am a bit selective too. Have no experience with this company.


This is a smoking deal if you own a small computer-repair business, though.
You can build cheap PCs and actually make a small profit if the HDD is only $20
This isn't something a power-user would want, obviously.


Gone....sounded like a janky deal anyway....



Yeah but who's going to use a 3Tb drive for a main drive. 500g is perfect.