dealsmonopoly: world of warcraft collector's edition…


My local Best Buy was trying to push this as a deal at $30, so this just makes them look even more insane.


This should be enough to drive the wife over the edge. The match of my 'stupid game" and her favorite board game


Most reviews on the site complain of the gnome's arm usually is broken upon opening. Otherwise, $13 is better than the $40 on the blizzard store site, and superglue is cheaper than $27.


The rules are changed a bit.

You have to touch your piece on each square 1000 times each to pass go.


The only downside is the monthly fee you have to pay in order to play this with others. :)


@andydoug: The way I understand it, you're able to play without subscribing, but only until you reach Free Parking. After that, you're not allowed to progress any further. When you finally break down and keep a subscription going, the banker starts handing out free dice rolls and properties as an incentive for new players though


Dead Deal

Bummer, I was ready to get one.