dealskohl's 30% off, $10 kohl's cash for every $50…


OK. Just saw the small print of needing a Kohl's charge card. Not good.


I found the title to be a bit misleading as well. The 30% is all well and good, but when you need to sign up for the charge account to get it, not so great.


@ceagee @studerc:
If you shop at Kohl's often, their charge card is probably worth it. There's almost always a 15% discount available to cardholders (rarely there is a discount for non-cardholders like here).

If you are only an occasional shopper that does not have a charge card, it might be cheaper to shop elsewhere. 15% discounts seem to bring their prices on par with their competitors, but I only shop Kohl's when they do their 30% promotions, as that is the only time I feel like their prices are a good deal.

Sorry you didn't think I was up-front enough about needing a charge card (I thought the deal title was too long already to throw it in, but next time I will).


Free Shipping is also only with purchases of +$50 or more.


@studerc: Nice catch. My order was like $60 so I didn't see that restriction. I knew it was better than their basic free shipping on $75 orders, but not as nice as I thought it was :-/


@studerc: Wrong, I just checked out with a $2.59 order and used that code for free shipping.


Here is the code/deal for those who don't have and don't want a kohl's card.


@tmart1: Totally forgot about the code...well played. Rude, but well played.


@studerc: I think you are taking this site a little too personal. If you post wrong information and someone says you are wrong you should not take it as a "rude, well played" personal attack...


@xzelick: Haha, no worries. I tend to blow things well out of proportion (Right @bsmith) I know nothing rude was meant by the comments but sometimes I just can't help myself.

In my defense however, in the past, people HAVE displayed kinder messages, there were other ways of going about it.

Thanks for keeping tabs on me though!


Just FYI for those that don't want to charge up a Kohls charge card to get the good discounts, you only have to buy something with the charge card but you can charge everything else on your own card. You can also charge it, then make a payment at the same time.


It's good to see this deal still here. In the past when I (and others) have posted the credit card only coupons for Kohl's, they were zapped at the request of Kohl's. I'm curious if this changed? If so, it would be great to share future 'insider' deals here again.
@prettywootprincess - are these deals legit to post again?

In the mean time... +1!