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In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you want to be sure you have some tweezers.


No whiskey? How is this a survival kit?


@moondrake: Very true. If your makeshift melee weapon is wooden, there's a chance you'll get splinters in your hand. If your hands become painful and/or infected, it'll be much harder to survive. Lucky for you, you'll have tweezers to remove the splinters before it gets to that point!


@bsmith1: I was figuring you'd use them to pluck your eyebrows so you'd be the most attractive person available and thus end up being one of the lucky survivors, just like in the movies. OTOH, kind of like in a nuclear holocaust, in a zombie apocalypse I'd really rather be one of the first to go, as I don't think I'd call survivors lucky.


I HATE when they jack up the count of items by counting every individual piece (20 bandages, 10 zip ties). No other aspect of life works that way. If you go to the grocery store to pick up some grapes and a box of cereal, you can still go to the express lane. The cashier dosent start counting individual grapes, or how many pieces of shredded wheat come in the box.