dealslivio $99.99 only…. limited time-livio radio…


Buttons for up or down vote is also on device, itself.

Looks like an awesome device that could live next to the home entertainment center.

Maybe hidden, maybe with a bag over its head (on second thought, that might cause over-heating) but there nonetheless, and proud. So proud.

Just so that NO ONE GETS THE IDEA THIS DEAL IS BROKEN, I've clicked through as an extra measure, and while the noticeably uglier version is sold out, the black version is available and can be brought down to 99.99 as well.



Search for programming by genre, location, or keyword. Looking for your favorite program but can’t listen live? No problem. The Livio Radio supports podcasts, as well. The Livio Radio even provides automatic station updates.

The Livio Radio makes Pandora accessible to more people, in more places. The Livio Radio, through Pandora and the Music Genome Project™, gives its users the power to be their own personal DJ, one that actually pays attention to what listeners like and dislike. With its sleek design and set of features, the Livio Radio goes beyond providing access to free, personalized Internet radio available through Pandora. In the home, office, or anywhere a power source and a Web connection meet, it’s a stand-alone radio that connects quickly and plays Internet radio programming through its own speaker.


Also of note, this site

Accept the paypal
(Google checkout too, if anyone uses that)


Actually, the shipping on this device may not be $10 after all. The code given knocks off the shipping as well, I've read.


Anybody seen a Slacker Radio similar to this?


@kelomaki: yes.

Your mom.

Your mom has.

Only kidding, I don't know the wonderful lady.
The theory goes like this, slacker radio is EXTREMELY similar to Pandora.
This device can do Pandora, I would venture to say it could/can do both.
However do not quote me on that, if you're interested you might want to call up Livio and ask them if slacker is compatible. Otherwise nothing wrong with getting dirty looking with google to see what else is out there.