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Everyone is saying don't buy from these guys. Pretty recent reviews, too...


The reseller ratings are terrible, but it seems that most complaints are from their "Marketplace" sellers, same deal as Amazon. I can't tell if this is coming from Rakuten, or one of their partners. It's a pretty good deal if you don't have a chatpad: they are pretty useful for entering passwords and other text. They only drawback is that they almost certainly won't work with the new Xbox One controllers, so the lifespan of the hardware is going to be limited. However, your XBL membership will apply if you get a new Xbox One, so no worries there.


People are saying don't purchase from them cuz they used to be who had some huge security breach and tons of their customers accounts, credit cards and personal info was leaked. LOTS of people wound up w/ fraudulent charges. This happened rather recently I believe.


Aaaaaand I hit the up instead of down. Can't change it ]:»(


I bought one thing from them since became No issues with my purchase.


I've bought several items from Rakuten and never had a problem. Their budget shipping is slow as Woot's - keep that in mind.


They don't include shipping or taxes into the promoted price. Grand total after everything is around $63


@frostbight64 You have to select "budget shipping". Then the shipping is free.

I'm disappointed though I'm being charged sales tax -, which I believe used to be based in CA, which Rakuten bought, didn't charge any (I'm in WA).

I've bought many things from Rakuten without issue. Between this deal though and yesterdays of 12-months of xbox live for $40, I'd choose yesterday's.

Then again, if you want a chatpad or a headset, this is probably a decent, cheap way to get either of those.


If your reason to get this is because of the chat pad, I suggest using smartglass on your smartphone. But if you don't have a smartphone, you should get one.


1. they used to be which has never been a problem
2. the bad reviews which most people do not understand is MARKETPLACE sellers, not buy/rakuten themselves. Just like you cannot blame or bad mouth amazon for what other sellers are doing or selling through them.
3. Just buy a PS3 and you will not need to buy these points and gold membership just to get online. With a PS3 from day 1, you can use the browser, youtube, hulu, netflix, and game with others online without any need of a premium membership or points. It will be massively worse once the next gen Xbox hits the market (charged per "app" or game usage instead of one flat membership fee to be allowed online).


@screwballl: You do realize PS4 is going pay to play with PS4... Unless you're staying old school; you'll be happy when POINTS are offered too :)