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Wow. I swear my last tube of this stuff was only six bucks. Has silver gotten that expensive, or did I buy something else?

(Arctic Pyrite?)


AS5 is probably one of, if not the, best thermal compound on the market. Though I don't think I've ever seen it at the full price it shows there...

That little tube should be enough for 6-7 CPU applications.

Many thermal compounds dry out over a period of a year+. So if you used cheap compound or don't know what your PC used, it would be wise to remove the heatsink from the CPU and check. If it's dry, use isopropyl alcohol to remove all the old compound before applying the new.


Amazon owns Woot, so obviously they are watching what is put up.

AS5 is really expensive for what it is. We used to buy AS5 in tubs of 2000 grams, but the price got too high. Currently, AS5 is around $1.20 per gram buying in bulk.

Try using Noctua. We have had great success with that and are able to get it for around $.37 a gram.

Haven't noticed a performance difference.

AS5 is great... just not for the price.


BEST thermal paste ever.
I put a beast of a heatsink on my old superclocked 5000+ Black edition CPU, then reapplied the same heatsink using arctic silver 5 and noticed a 5 degree temp drop in idle.

good stuff


If you need to fix a RRoD Xbox, this is the compound you should use!


Not the best out there, especially these days, but still better than what comes standard with most low to mid range aftermarket heatsinks.