dealstranscend 32 gb ultimate speed sdhc class 10…


I have this and bought it from amazon a couple of months ago. I use it in a KODAK ZX5 HD vidya-camera. No issues, fast and so many jiggabees (GBs)!


I've used transcend before (maybe even this exact one - 32GB Class 10) and after a week or two my pictures and videos started corrupting and showing up as question marks. This happened on both a DSLR and a HD Video Camera. I would not recommend this brand at ANY PRICE.


@evawheel: It's not so much the brand as it is all class 10 SDHC. They're just not as reliable as the class 4. YMMV and this is a pretty good price for 32 GB, but unless you're shooting video and really need the speed, class 4 is the safer option.


@westsidebilly: Interesting. I hope they continue to solve that issue b/c it's really annoying when you need a large SD card with a fast read/write speed and you lose priceless pictures/videos.