deals20 replacement cartridges for gillette sensor…


Very nice deal. Love this shaver. I've ordered from this company before and had no problems.


Is it me or are these only 2 blade razors? If it was 3 blade, I'd be all over this in a heartbeat.


@gga1759: Sensor and Sensor Excel are two-blade. Mach 3 starts the Gillette three-blade line.


I have tried all of the 3, 4, 5, etc blade razors and always come back to the Sensor. Helluva deal...


same here. i have them all but nothing works as well on my face as the sensor excel. ive had it for 16 years now and the only thing that beats it is an oldschool DE safty razor .


I agree it is very good but I personally prefer the "Excell"' feature.
Fortunately Microsoft did not screw that up.
Thank you, and have a nice day.