dealsgoogle chromecast for $29.99 + free shipping


Better deal @ $24.99 can be found on amazon with coupon code

Edit: Just learned the coupon is only valid for Amazon Student members.


I pre-ordered mine quite some time ago, and have loved it. It was intended for travel, since most of my hotels have great access speeds and HDMI ports, but I've used it frequently at home to stream music to my home theater system. The web apps on my BluRay and NTV are good for TV & movies, but are horrid in terms of response time, and have no hacks available for my personal music collection on Amazon's Cloud.

Using Chromecast, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Cloud, and everything else are far, far faster than using any other non-PC appliance.

The little sucker does get hot, but seems to handle it just fine.

Tip: For travel, get a travel wireless router and run Chromecast off of that instead of the hotel's WiFi. Much cleaner when the router is connected to a hard line.


I ordered mine from whoever Google says to order from and have been disappointed to say the least. It is hard to plug into a TV and because of the HDMI plug orientation, the light is on the backside so it can't be seen except from the rear and because it generally plugs in behind the TV, it has limited reception from my WiFi system so is finicky to get to work at all. You have few options when installing it for set up and it has to connecd to the WiFi system to even use those. Once you do finally get it to work, it is so slow. For a device of it's size, I guess it does work but unless something changes, the one is more than enough for me. Thankfully, it was cheap!