dealslenovo thinkpad w-510 15.6" i7-720qm 1.60 ghz…


Don't buy a computer of any type this close to Black Friday. Do yourself a favor and wait.


The Core i7-720QM is a 4 year old processor. It's not worth it at this price.

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@mcw: For a thinkpad this is almost worth it. I agree though that it would be preferable to see it with a newer generation of the core processor; this one will most likely max out at 8gb of ram which is a bit of a deterrent for a system aiming for the market that the thinkpad W series is designed for.


A few thoughts:
The W510 has the great famous Thinkpad keyboard. I'm typing this on a new W530 chiclet keyboard, and it's cheap junk that slows me down. The W510 keyboard is functionally much better, just not as stylish.

The W510 is harder on its battery than the W520/30, but still very good. 3-4hrs is typical. On the downside, you can't use a 2nd battery in the W510's ultrabay.

Bright. But W510 switched to the lower-res 16:9 screen from the W500 16:10. If you work on documents a lot, the missing 10% of the screen (100-120 pixel-wide stripe) will be missed.

This is the last of the W5xx series that uses a common AC adapter; later versions are physically incompatible with other Thinkpads.

Fast. Even w/low-GHz-spec, the i7 is fast. Can accept 16GB ram, or if you get a 4-slot model, 32GB.

Minor issues: No Express54 slot. Bluetooth missing on some versions. Screen bezel is cheaply made and gaps between the edge and screen; the bezel can pop off if bumped on a corner.


@jespensc: Don't dedicated video card as well.