dealssouthwest airlines rapid rewards® credit card…


The instant bonus is pretty sweet, but even taking optimal advantage of the accrual rate you're getting less than 1% cash back equivalency on any purchases, including travel, and everyone will gladly offer at a minimum 1% cash back. Obviously still solid for grabbing the offer if you want to snag is and then forget about it.

Also, don't do the balance transfer. They're offering the same APR on balance transfers as purchases, so unless they're offering a super lower standard APR than you currently get, this is an awful bet. Added to that, using their numbers 6,000 points = $100, so transfer $6,000, get 6,000 points, pay $180 in fees, get $100 in travel vouchers. The tier points system doesn't come close to overcoming this issue if you're talking 10's of thousands either.

Anyone got details on just how this works? I'm unfamiliar with the program. They say 50,000 points > $800, and 6,000 points = $100. Is it just straight up every 6,000 points =$100 off ticket price?