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Good price for this, and a I am on the lookout for this. But, I'm holding out for this to come down to $50. I figure if the LOTR trilogy was available at $35, then that's not unreasonable.


@jeffrjohn: 3 movies @ $35 doesn't translate to 6 movies @ $50...sorry.


@jeffrjohn: I think you mean $70... I wouldn't be surprised if we see it come down to about $60 (or $10/movie) around Christmas time. Until then this is probably the best you'll do.


@woocls @theracoon: Both sets are 9 discs and the LOTR set is the extended version, so the movie play time is about equal between the two sets, regardless of how many movies there actually are. The LOTR set also regularly sells for about $70, and Walmart cut the price to $35 temporarily. Overall, the sets are pretty much the same thing, so there is no reason not to believe that this set could get cut to $50 or cheaper in the next 6 months.

Plus, the LOTR set came with a digital copy.


Good deal/find

If this is available in stores for the price, you'll also get a free Target Exclusive lithograph/art prints with purchase. This is not packaged with the box-set, you have to grab it (It doesn't look like this is available for online purchasing? I could be wrong)... Throw in the 5% off if you use your Target Debit or Credit card, and the deal get's better.

On a semi-related note, whats with online store front's excessively marking up there products retail prices to make it look like you're saving a lot? It's annoying. Everyone know's that this set doesn't retail for $140, yet it's original price is just that...


@jeffrjohn: it's still 3 movies vs 6 movies, regardless of how many physical disks are involved. JM2C.

And if it really matters, I like both series, I just don't think the "deals" you were talking about were comparable.


@theracoon: I still contend they are directly comparable. If you have two 500 page books with one having 20 chapters and the other 10 chapters, you're not getting more book with the 20 chapter book. The content is the same, just broken up into smaller segments.

The two sets offer you the same amount of movie time, the same amount of extras, both have a book and fancy case, but the LOTR set has digital content as well. Also, the Star Wars offers little if any more than previous releases of the movies while the LOTR is offering a significant amount of additional content that was not available in the theater release.


@jeffrjohn: I agree that hopefully it'll drop down to 50 or 60. That being said there are things to take into consideration. I.E. That the LOTR bluray set has the movies upgraded to HD, while the extras are SD. (Not sure if this is true for Star Wars), also the Star Wars release is still Relatively new. It took, for example, the Godfather Blu Ray set, a long freaking time to come down to a price (25 on amazon) that I'd actually buy it.


@jeffrjohn: clearly you didn't read the actual description. The Star Wars set is 9 disks - the 6 movies, plus three extra disks with more than 30 hours of extras, including deleted and "never before seen" extra footage. Even without the extra footage, the original 6 movies had a combined run time of about 13 hours and 20 minutes.

I did some searching, and I don't find any version of LoTR on blu-ray that contains any extra footage for the $35 you quote, or even for $40. The three LOTR movies have a combined run time of about 9 hours 20 minutes.

Do you have a link to this mythical version of the LoTR movies you keep insisting has the same 13+ hour runtime as the 6 SW movies, and sells for $35?

Time to put up or shut up.


@theracoon: First, you are right that the SW run time is about 800 minutes and LOTR is about 560. The extra footage in the extras discs doesn't mean much to me if it's not in the film since it doesn't flow and add much to movie experience, plus LOTR has some material like this as well. So, at those run times, LOTR comes out to 6.25 cents per minutes. SW comes out to 10 cents per minute with this deal, or 6.25 cents per minute if it comes down to the $50 that I think is the right price point for this collection.

The link that WAS available where I purchased the LOTR set for $35 originated with this deal and has resurfaced several times, but is not currently available.


@jeffrjohn: Okay, we get it.

You're an LOTR fan, and not a SW fan.

And I don't believe for one second that you calculated the per minute cost when you made your first post...which makes you...less than truthful.

Go away.


@theracoon: what exactly in any of my posts makes me a LOTR fan and not a SW fan? I'm a fan of both and a diehard fan of neither. I never claimed to do the per minute calculation before my first post, but it does take away from the relevance of it either. I know what these sets are worth to me and I was able to get the LOTR set for a price that was worth it to me. I still haven't seen this set for a price that I consider worth it.


@theracoon: Correction, with the extended footage inside the films, the LOTR runtime is 682 minutes (5.13 cents per minute). Walmart's site was wrong on that. It is also 15 discs, but not all of the extras are on blu-ray, most are DVD.


@jeffrjohn: You inserted your foot in your mouth with your very first comment, and since then, you have been trying to get it out by pounding it in further.

You should stop.


@skoffer: I stand by everything I've said here. Go start your own fight somewhere else.


Fine. You win.

I obviously didn't have the faintest clue what I was talking out when I made my posts.

Enjoy your spoils.


@sasdragon: contribute to the conversation, or stay out of the conversation.



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This whole strain of comments/complaints/bickering is ridiculous. Unsubscribed to the postings because you all need to grow up a bit. Keep the bickering to respective forums. This is a deal site. post a proper product review or information or move along. Grow up.


Just for clarification, it is available in-store for this price, but the lithograph set is not free anymore... And most stores haven't had any of the set since September when it was released.

My store does have a case of the lithographs, which I found the other day, so I'll check, but I highly doubt that they're still free.


@kamikazeken: I was the jock, but thanks for your input.


I'm pretty sure they are still included free with the set;
My store has the lithographs/artwork, and they are marked free with the blu-ray set purchase. I don't think they specified an offer expire date. It's worth asking anyway assuming if you can find these in stores.