dealswestern digital caviar green 3tb 64mb cache sata…


About $20 the usual price on Amazon. I am running a a few in my home server.


Yes this is $20 off of the Newegg price and $10 cheaper then the amazon price as of this post.


I had a bad experience with the 2TB version of this drive several years back. Not saying all drives will be DOA but I would recommend checking the sectors prior to transferring data.


@bknabl: I also had TWO WD 2 TB hard rives fail on me in an unreasonably short period of time. I also found out that due to the power-saving design, you cannot use them in external drives that are powered on continuously, as they go in to "power down mode." I'll stick with Seagate. That's what's in my server now, and they've lasted longer than the WD's did already. Plus, they are the same price on Amazon...