dealstoshiba thrive ultimate bundle w/ hdmi dock, ac…


I almost bought this immediately thinking it came with the tablet -- for any inattentive readers such as myself, be aware that this does not include the tablet itself, but rather just the accessory kit. Why I thought a price that low would include the tablet is beyond me.

It's still a great deal, though.


Wouldn't mind getting this bundle if I knew where to get the thrive at a decent price.


Using my Thrive as I type this message. This looks like a great deal, I'm going to pick one up - I could use the extras.


Ordered this deal a couple of weeks ago when it was $19.99 (plus the $5 for shipping) and I can say it is all official Toshiba products. I was astonished - for $25 you get a blue back, battery, power cord, standard doc(going for $13.70 on amazon), leather case, and a set of 2 screen protectors. Amazing. I already had a leather case for my Thrive but the extra is a nice little case with the deal. I'm happy with my Thrive now that it has ICS but think it would be better with Jellybean. If you have a Thrive, this is a good deal.


Great deal! The battery alone would run $30 from Amazon. Interesting side note - the stock numbers for the battery and the blue cover are switched. Not really relevant, but curious.


i bought this a few weeks ago too and glad i did. (i bought the thrive from the same site in the summer) i'd been wanting a cheap case, but wasn't finding anything i liked. this one is pretty nice. i really like having the dock! i haven't used the extra battery yet, but it's nice to know i have a spare just in case...

and like jlluck007 said, i was surprised to see all were Toshiba brand products...


Got it for my Thrive. Where else can you get a battery alone for this price? The rest is ice cream on the cake!! Cheap! Got the Thrive because it was the ONLY tablet with a user changable battery and ALL of the ports I need.


@yippingbyrd: I have company - don't feel so bad any more.


I bought one of the first Thrives when they came out and have used it several hours daily. The battery is just starting to fail as I can only get about 4 hours on a charge now. I have been wanting to replace the battery and I think this is a good inexpensive way plus all the other goodies. I have tested other tablets including the IPad and nothing else comes close to overall performance and usability of the Toshiba Thrive