dealsdawn of the dead: combo pack - blu-ray/dvd…


One of my favorite zombie movies to date (even as a remake), too bad the whole genre became flooded with bad movies. Zombie babies FTW!

This is the second deal using the Barnes and Noble coupon code I posted earlier in the week. They both went popular and it didn't...guess I choose the wrong one to time I'm going with zombies.


@joscott87: Actually the code you posted 3 days ago has been being used for almost two weeks.

See my deal here 12 days ago:

It was available on a couple of deal sites before B&N ever posted it at the top their website. As for posting deals vs codes. Unless it is an amazing code you may be better off posting individual deals with the code. I think many deal-hunters come looking for a quick fix deal based on their interests rather than hunting through an extensive site like B&N. But others benefit from the code post like yours. I think timing was why your post didn't go farther. But hey, if your deal post saved people a few bucks on their purchases (in this economy) you have done your deal.woot job well.

Beyond that - always go with the zombies!


@mfladd: Nice, I actually just posted a question regarding general vs. specific deals, but thats a really good answer.

I didn't know that was active for longer, because on the site is said valid July 21st, so good find and thanks for the answer.