dealsvelocity google android tablet & e-reader with 7…


newegg gives has a slew of reviews if you look it up. Majority rating is 1 out of 5 eggs. Slow loading speed, weak battery, and often freezes or crashes. Worth the $60 pricetag? Maybe if you need a new cutting board that you can use in the dark.


I have one. It might run more slowly if bricked than it already does, but probably not by much. Slow load times, touchscreen is very unresponsive, 8-hour battery, woefully inadequate onboard memory (though it does have an SD slot, and App2SD works fine). I rooted it and booted it to a newer OS build that lets it access the Google market, so I use it to grab apps for sideloading to my PocketEdge DualBook (woot!ed). Otherwise the thing is pretty useless.


Resist "resistive" screens. I used to get capacitive and resistive mixed up.


Last time I ordered from it took 6 weeks to receive 2 tablets, and when I finally did 1 was defective! (I am not the only one to have this issue) Be careful when ordering from!!!!!!!!