dealsdonnieann african adveture 5 by 7 zebra skin…


all though quite tacky, it's a pretty good deal.


shows 79$ for me! must be doing something wrong. not that I really want it- it would take the right atmosphere to pull it off.


shows up as 70 for me, wonder if it was an error and they tried to quickly recover from it, but yea, I think the deal is dead


There were only 3 left and I guess the last one left caused the price jump. But I've found some amazing prices/deals on Amazon that only last a while.

Anyone else get one for $25?


@dillydally: I think calling a 'fake zebra rug' as being 'tacky' would have been rather redundant, especially in light of the picture.

But it was a whole heck of a lot of 'tacky' for only $25.

Woody Allen "The food was just awful ..."
"And such small portions!"

LOL :)