dealspocket knife, gerber bear folding sheath…


Purchased 3, should make decent gifts.


I got one of these from Mertline a few weeks ago, it is a great value for the price. Shipping time was about 9 days. I made several purchases from them, never any problems.


When I compare this to Amazon, it is more than likely a fake/knock-off. The look and design is similar, but not the same, plus the pics dont match the description (the logo and the screws, not to mention it is a folding knife, not one with a sheath).

Not to mention the word Grylls isnt mentioned anywhere on the post. Only says Gerber Bear?


It looks like they flipped some of the pics


Unfortunately a lockback is a poor "survival" knife. Grip it hard enough and you depress the lock and can easily injure yourself.


In the pics elsewhere, the name "Bear" is signed on the knife in white on the blade. The Meritline one doesn't have that, and I'm guessing is probably a knock-off?


Just received the Gerber Bear, Meritline number 20983(larger knife) which I bought for about $9.00 on sale. Great knife for the money,very sharp and it has Bear printed on only one side of the the blade as in the photo above. May pick up the smaller one (20982) featured in this post,seems to be well woth the $6.00. As everyone mentions it does take a long time to get here,my knife took 31 days but for the price that's ok.


If you look at the close up pictures on Meritline, the BG logo in orange is very crappy quality and looks smeared.


I really doubt these knives are a knock off. Meritline has an office/warehouse in Ca so I would think they would be closed up by now if they were selling a counterfeit Gerber knife. I would also assume Meritline does not sell the top of the line Gerber products just the lower end stuff.


I can't shake the feeling that it's a counterfeit, either. Look at the photos on Amazon. The rounded grooves in the original look nothing like the square channels in the Meritline one.

I one time ordered "Apple iPhone Charge Cables" from them (not stated as generic, replica, anything) and they came back with off-center symbols printed on them and defects. There's a reason it's way cheaper at Meritline and it's not because they got a better deal on the knives than Amazon did.


If you have a Big 5 sporting goods store anywhere near you just go there for a dirt cheap deal on high quality name brand knives. Their best deals aren't usually advertised so I suggest walking in and seeing what they've got. You'll find some pretty amazing deals.


I did some research and these are poor knockoffs. Poor quality "BG". No orange at the base of the handle. No "Gerber" branding. No embroidery on the blade. If the reproduction quality is any indication of the blade quality I'm willing to bet its poor.


I purchased one of these at least a year ago to carry in my pocket because it was so light-weight. I have carried it every day since then with no issues. And regarding the comments about it looking different, I think it is the same knife. When looking at the picture of the open knife, the Bear signature does appear to be missing, but if you look at the folded picture, it appears to be there. Everything else exactly matches the knife I bought at Walmart for around $15. And the orange GB wears off quickly anyway, so it doesn't matter much if it is blurry.

I've carried a few knives in my time, and probably have 6 or 7 sitting on my dresser at any given time, but this is the one I reach for almost every time I get dressed because it is so light in my pocket.


To me, these look like legit knives that didn't pass quality inspection before going in for the laser etching, or whatever it is that they use to put the branding on the blade.


Likely a knock off. I have ordered from Meritline before and have found that most of their items are garbage and fall apart quickly after purchase