dealsrei: 20% off one full price item for members


FYI: not valid until Friday (5/18). However, I agree that REI is great, if a bit overpriced (hence, I only buy items on sale or with these 20% coupons). Become a member!


It's not as much that they're OVERpriced, they just sell top line stuff, for the most part. I agree though on using these 20% off for big ticket items. I bought myYakima cargo box for 20% off. Membership (and buying the product there) also basically gives you a lifetime guarantee, and that's worth a lot, especially when facing the out-of-pocket replacement for pricey gear


REI's customer service and return policy make them worth every penny that they charge.


@turtlegir1: Whoops, I thought it had started. I'll kill it...


Trust me, you get what you pay for from REI (especially if you live near a store). First off, you get 10% back if you're a member every year as part of the co-op. Second, they have the single best customer service I have ever dealt with. Many(maybe all?) items are guaranteed for life. A family member had a backpack that the zipper ripped on 7 years after buying, definitely didn't have a receipt. Brought it into the store to find one like it, and without us even asking, replaced it at no charge. REI rocks, I buy everything I can from them.

Plus, they are a bunch of "do-gooders" for the environment/sustainability and all that, pay their employees well, and so on and so on.


I LOVE REI! And their customer service is great, but you need to be a member to return stuff YEARS later because it is all linked to your account so they can tell you bought it there. Also if you live near a store you should check out their Garage Sale that happens a couple of times a year. It's all stuff that's been returned but you can find some really good deals on slightly used goods. Oh... and being a member is totally worth it for the 10% back you get every year. I just used my dividend for a new Sawyer water filter to take hiking so it was basically free.