dealsbloomin' onion monday, july 30th only. free w…


Darn, gotta wait til monday the 30th of july - too bad that doesnt happen until 2018 :P


Sorry, it IS Monday, July 29th. As soon as I posted it, I tattled on it; asked for a mod to correct the title. Guess they haven't seen it yet. :-/


Seems like a quick way to take a few hours off your life span. Packing just under 2500 Calories with the dip. Even with friends to share with, the numbers are high.


And so...I guess NO ONE ever saw the tattle I submitted...moments after the original. Perhaps they (the mods) were too busy w/the t-shirt stuff. No harm; much foul. But, I'm full of dismay about the lack of almost everything here.