dealsasus u56e-rbl8 15.6" led i5dual-core 8gb 750gb…


Ok, so I've had this laptop for past couple years. I bought it for college as it had good spexs at a decent price.
So far I have had nothing but trouble with this laptop.
The biggest issue I have had was with the wireless card going bad.
The wifi would constantly drop and all of the sudden it would tell me know connections availble, even though wifi still worked on phone and several other students' laptops.
Sometimes I could restart my laptop 3-4 times and wifi would magically work again. Then after 5 minutes to a few hours of using my laptop, it would drop again.


Once I had a break from school, I called Asus customer suppprt, and after several hours on the phone waiting for different people try to tell me the same thing and have me do the same thing. (Restart laptop. No wifi still? Try hard reset. Still no wifi? Ok let me transfer you to someone else...) same procedure next person. After a few hours of being passed around like a hot potato, someone had me update driver. It happened to come back on so they said it was fixed and said goodbye. Later that day it dropped again. I decided to call my $$$ service plan from office depot. However nice they were, they said since it was still under manufacturers warranty I had to call asus and send it in. I have read several bad things about asus repairs, so I have waited and dealt with it and now am in process of sending to my service plan company.

Sorry for typos. On my phone in a car.

Several other issues with laptop, SLOW bootup (several minutes 5-8)
Feezes when asus updater pops up upon turning on


Sorry for the long comments. If anyone has specific questions I will try to answer them speedily although I will be at work until 6


Every company has a bad component now and then... and sadly, most have the same customer support experience (ever call Dell?) Bottom line, you had a specific hardware problem, and didn't give them a chance to fix it. When you start to get the runaround from tech support, YOU have to take control and tell them what you've tried and how you know what the problem is. Then ask for a supervisor. Remember- they deal with computer illiterates all day long. They start with "Is it plugged in? and go from there... It's not fair to run Asus down if you didn't deal with them.


@tcayer: I've dealt with Asus, had a G73JH, and a G73JW

Asus support is complete shit


Pretty sure everyone should realize now when you see hardware like this on woot anywhere, it's because it has something wrong with it and they're trying to recoup the manufacturing cost by selling it cheap.


I've had excellent luck with asus motherboards in my desktops, so this laptop would not scare me off. But the price.....this is supposed to be a great deal and barely looks good compared to Dell, HP, or Lenovo. Take another $100 off and I'd buy one. But as most Wooters, I can get more for less elsewhere.


I don't have this model, but I've had the ASUS U56E for over a year. Put a 120m SSD right out of the box and have never had a hardware issue to date. I've always had good luck with ASUS, but this was my first laptop (Budget line) couldn't be far.


What is the deal with " open box" products ?
Trustworthy product?
Are they generally riskier or safer than a refurb?