dealspower wheels vw barbie for $135.63 + free shipping


I have never owned this model, but I would like to say that I can not recommend any 6 volt vehicle. They just don' t have any power to really get around. Let your child get a little older to really understand the toy and go with something that has a 12 volt battery. We had a 6 volt car from my brother in law, and my son couldn't make it go through the grass. We had to push it (with the attached handle). He could get around the flat driveway some, but he was still too young to really understand, and quickly out-grew it.


Set your daughter up for disappointment early with this VDub, when she gets a Buick to drive on her 16th birthday. hah

6 volt versions are extremely slow and about 20 minutes of fun - great for younger end of the age range. My 2 year old drove his 6 volt for a while but by 4 he was in a 12v power wheel. Now he is age 7 and it collects dust.


@hondaman88: What 12V vehicles would you recommend? I'm looking at getting one for my toddler, preferably with a low/high switch so it could be made faster for her in the future. Or even be modded.


@whoknowswho: We started my son with a 12V John Deere tractor (with detachable trailer). It has a selector in between their legs like a gear shift knob that allows them to select reverse, low, or high. There is a plastic bar that can be screwed down in front of the handle that keeps it from going into high gear until you're ready. The only downside to the 12V vehicles that I can think of, is that for a toddler it can be a little rough or scary. There isn't a slow acceleration to it like your car so it can be jerky while they try to figure the pedal out.
My son now has a "Jeep" 2-seater and he's 5, his little brother (2yrs) loves riding with him.
We purchased both online from a major retailer with free ship to store, and it was cheaper than the stores "shelf" price, so shop around and read reviews.
If you get one and your child starts riding it a lot, you better go ahead and look for a spare battery. I've had success with a no-name battery from ebay.