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My generation grew up watching Hawkeye, BJ, Radar, Hot Lips, Frank (weasel face) and the rest of the crew. I loved the cast and found the writing to be pithy and pointed but, for the most part, humorous. Times, and viewpoints, have changed, but for those who appreciate the series, this is the lowest price I have seen for this set and it made me finally pull the trigger and order it.

From all I've read about the box set, many, many reviews mentioned damaged DVDs. This offering is composed of the individual seasons which are much better protected and provide many scenes not shown on TV. I would much prefer to give up the box sets organization for well protected discs. This set also includes the movie.


That's why I need to get this set ... because I'm old and forget the important things. Thank you for correcting me ... oh, and for exposing one of my senior moments! BTW, are we related? You look kinda familiar.


One thing that was amazing about this series was the way in which they incorporated cast changes without losing their way and their audience. Colonel Blake was replaced by Colonel Potter. Frank Burns was replaced by Charles Emerson Winchester. Trapper John was replaced by BJ. Every time we feared that this was the end, but the show went on and stayed great. How often does a series carry THAT off so successfully?!

I'm a fan. Can you tell? Great deal!


I am also a huge fan. I never, ever get tired of watching, although I know most episodes by heart. It was something I shared with my late father and my late boyfriend. Remembering good times of MAS*H marathons.


READ THE AMAZON REVIEWS!!!! bought this set a while ago and discovered that the majority of the discs were scratched up beyond use!


Watch the pricing carefully, folks...this is NOT that great of a deal. I saw the deal coming up last night, so I checked the price of this set vs. the Martinis and Medicine Set (a much better set, in a box case and with extras to boot). This particular set was priced at $198 last night, so 77% off (stated on the deal) would have made it a huge deal at around $46 - but magically - POOF - when the deal went live, the "regular" price was suddenly over $300 for this set, so the price at 77% off was now far higher. Unless I missed something somewhere, someone was trying to pull a fast one for this - by all reviews - substandard set.

Watch your local warehouse stores, like Sam's Club for the Martinis and Medicine collection - I highly recommend that set over this one.

Even though I have the set, I sure wish one of the tv networks would put this back into the rotation again - the only channel showing it for a while was TVLand and they took it off months ago - now none show it.


@belyndag: What I find amazing about the show was how well it was written. Nothing silly as in modern sitcoms.

The show stayed in reality, yet could move from drama to comedy and back. They could have you laughing one minute, and crying the next.

Of all episodes, 'Abyssinia, Henry' truly represents the series. No matter how many times I've watched the episode, I'm still affected by Radar's announcement in the OR.


I've dealt with Amazon's lightning deals for a long time and found out early that oft times the only clue they gave you to what the price would be when the time hit was a percentage off. I also figured out very quickly that I had to take the percentage off of the list price, and what I figured the price would be was correct every time! And of the items that I had followed prior to their becoming lightning deals, Amazon never raised the list price of any them before they became lightning deals or while they were the lightning deal! This set is one of those items! I always wanted it but knew I'd have to wait for the price to drop well, today was that day but I never imagined they would drop it so low. Just try to find a better deal if in doubt! I suggest everyone read the reviews for both sets, as I did, before you buy. Amazon has always been an outstanding company to do business with and their customer service assures your satisfaction! This is a great set and great deal!


BE AWARE when you read the reviews on Amazon for this set, the reviews are for 3 DIFFERENT products!! Only 1/3 or less are for what's on sale here!! Look at the reviews for this set and you'll see:

First you see the star rating (which we're all familiar with)
*Next you'll see the name of the reviewer: Susie or Fred or whatever
*Next (sometimes) you'll see this line: Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

BUT NEXT YOU SEE THIS LINE FOR PRODUCT!!! (For Mash there are "3 different products" being reviewed)
It will say: This review is from: Mash [HD] (Amazon Instant Video) - This is for Mash, the original "movie" on Amazon Instant Video
It will say: M
ASH: (Wide screen Edition) (DVD) - this is for Mash, the original "movie" on DVD!
It will say: MAS*H: The Complete Series + Movie (DVD) - THIS IS THE ONLY ONE REVIEWING THE SET THAT'S FOR SALE!!!

Just thought this might help understand why some may say reviews are bad when, in reality they can be stellar, as in this case.


If these are the same collections that I bought many years ago, (and it certainly looks like they are,) than these are a great set. Each season consists of 3 discs that are securely held in place. The quality of each episode looks great, and the episodes are their full unedited length. You also have the option to listen with or without the laugh track. (I think it is much better without!)

The difference between this collection and the 'Martinis and Medicine' collection? Well, aside from the scratches caused by the overlapped packing, the martini and medicine collection has a few more extras. You can get them by purchasing the 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen' collection. Yes, you'll get a second copy of the finale; but you'll get everything else including the 30th anniversary reunion. But honestly, if they're that important you've probably already bought it. (Like me!)

When these sets came out, I paid about $30 per set. I believed it was worth it then, and I still do.


@billfrugge: Thanks for the information, I'm learning a lot from you. I'll have to look into the 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen' collection you mention, the 30th Anniversary Reunion and the bonus material. I can certainly tell your a fan.

I knew packaging for individual seasons is generally quite good and secure because they only have a few discs to deal with, where the box sets are usually a quality concern because they try to jam a lot of discs into a package of manageable size, and that invites scratches. That's why I was so pleased that the set I finally bought contained each season in it's own packaging. It's been quite a few years since I've seen a MASH episode so I'm "really" looking forward to receiving my set! Thanks again!


@billfrugge: The description of this set includes a section of what is included in "each season's" set and they show a "bonus features" section included in each season. I saw earlier comments that bonus features weren't included in this purchase. I was hoping you might be able to comment, if indeed this is the same set as yours. Thx!


@willyone: Yes, those listings do look a bit wonky. There are no bonus features on the discs, just the episodes. I think they're listing the episode titles as bonus features...

Boxed sets are nice, but they really don't make much sense. When the Martini collection came out, the real fans had been buying the sets as they were released; and we felt like we were going to have to double-dip in order to see the extras. Thankfully, the studio released the Amen set - other studios don't. (And then they wonder why no one buys the season sets...)

And then there's those scratches... The Wild Wild West collection looks great, but it's a nightmare handling those discs without dropping them all. Compare that with the recent re-release of 'Bewitched.' Yes, you're digging through 50 discs to get to one episode, but at least they're on a spindle and protected from scratches.


@billfrugge: Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate your feedback. I'm still tickled with my purchase and would buy this set (because it's the individual seasons) over any other. I recently bought the complete Seinfeld series and repackaged the discs, as well as Hogan's Heroes, The Komplete Series, Kommandant Kollection. I also just got the complete Addam's Family set but it's only 9 discs and came well packaged. I recently got the first 4 seasons of News Radio by season, the same way this MASH set is. I really think the 5th season went down hill after Phil Hartman died, but I may get it one day. I've thought about both Bewitched and The Wild Wild West as well as Taxi, Cheers and The Munsters. Actually, I'm surprised MASH is still available. Anyway, thanks again!


@willyone: Sounds like we like the same shows.

I purchased most of the shows as individual sets. I used to be able to watch these as they were released, but they started to pile up on me at some point. It's much easier when the complete sets come out first like they did for Six Million Dollar Man and Get Smart. (But a lot of TV at once.)

I purchased Wild Wild West in sets, but upgraded to the collection for the reunion movies. The discs are packed in two 'saddlebags' that are made of heavy paper. The discs are okay, but the discs are slid into pockets next to each other making it kind of difficult to pull one disc out of the middle. (I hate getting fingerprints on the disc...)

Bewitched/I Dream of Jeanie: The cheap sets are great for the price. You may want to repack or at least have a blank spindle on hand.



@billfrugge: Thanks for the MASH link, it was very enlightening! I've thought about getting Bewitched and I Dream of Genie simply because they're so inexpensive. I'm sure I'll give in pretty soon, maybe tomorrow. I'd like (the early) the original Get Smart, Cheers, Taxi and Married With Children but because of their cost, I'll have to wait for a good sale like I did with Seinfeld and MASH. I really appreciate all your feedback. It's been a pleasure! Best of Luck!