dealsshoe dog days: save up to 51% on footwear + freeā€¦


Tried the coupon code.. Doesn't seem to affect price or shipping. coupon was accepted but stated:
"Your Current Savings:
Welcome to the World's Largest Running Store! You're Guaranteed to Feel Great Shopping with Us. (Offer Code CX12W236)"

Given that the least expensive shoes offered in my size was about $60 I would have liked to have received some discount (without having to pay an extra $2 for the privilege)

I'm not an athlete, so the only shoes I spend at least $60 on are for work.

TL;DR: Regular price - Not a deal.


Decent price and I bought shoes, but not impressed that the code didn't do anything.


@ciabelle: Yep, cheapest pair in my size is $50. meh..


Down-voted because of the bogus code. Big Roadrunner fan otherwise...


@ciabelle: Checking into this. Edit: The code is built into the link and is used for tracking. This is a 5 day online only special where they have their deepest discounts of the year. These are site wide limited duration markdowns. The code does not affect pricing. I have removed it from the "coupon code" section.


Code does nothing. Does not affect price.


Roadrunner Sports is awesome. I've ordered from them quite a few times, great prices and customer service.
I'm a little disappointed in this deal that the code doesn't work. Could use a new pair of running shoes....


I'll be watching this one to see what thefenst comes up with regarding the coupon code. They've got what appears to be last year's New Balance Minimus trail shoe (which I loved) for $80, and I'm starting to get to the point of needing a new pair anyways.


I am still trying to figure out how this deal got 55 +votes? The coupon doesn't work, so how is it good?


@mywatchdeal: Because many people don't open and view the deal before casting their votes. They just vote up/down according to what others have done. Completely botched system, to which, I've brought to the community's attention in the past and was destroyed with downvotes.

Like everyone should be doing, I'm holding my vote in abatement until I hear from thefenst.


Underwhelming that there's nothing on sale in my kid's "canoe+" size. I suppose the ad does say "up to..." and not "everything is" WRT to the sale, but still!


Horrible, no wide sizing on their most popular shoes. I hate it when they don't even have them as an option even though the shoe manufacturer makes them. THUMBS DOWN!!! Plus horrible prices. It is actually more expensive than my local brick and mortar store. If you actually want a very useful on-line shoe store with good pricing and a great shoe fit guide, you should try this place: