dealspeanuts holiday collection (blu-ray/3 disc) for…


I love these, but how is this a good price, $26 for 3, even though they are amazing, cartoon episodes. When will they lower the price of stuff like this so keep people from pirating.


Is Bluray really worth it for cartoon animation?


The Peanuts movies have always been expensive. At least there are a few extras too. A person might be able to find this around $20, but that's pretty rare.

The Blu-Ray version is also a remaster. The color is supposed to be more consistent/vibrant. They also made them 5.1 surround. So if you're a Peanuts fan it might be worth it.


@absolutes: Thanks Absolutes. I really do love these movies but I wonder about cartoons and Blurays. I agree, the extra work for 5.1 and remastering could be worth it.