dealsstaples® pastel colored copy paper (500 sheets…


@theoneill555: Great idea! Once again I have to say that I SO wish we had a Staples around here!


I purchase all of the 100% back in rewards and Free After Easy Rebate items and donate to the local schools. It only takes a little bit of time, effort, and cash and the schools are grateful for the donations.


@belyndag: Hopefully, you will get a Staples, I love their deals. 2 years ago we didn't have any Staples near us, now we have 4. I have been talking my friends into donating as well and I make sure I let them know when a Staples deal is occurring.

FYI - the reams cost $8.49 each (in WA)


Ends Wednesday, 3/28/12.


When I click on the link I get a malware notice from my antivirus program. ???


@uncwhiz: It is just a link to the staples weekly ad. the deal is "in store" only.