deals20 i park like a d-bag bumper stickers for $10.00…


There is a similar post already from a few weeks ago, but this is a different product (stickers instead of magnets previously):

Either way, it's still funny.


I like the idea of these, but I don't care how someone parks, defacing their vehicle should be and is a crime. Punching them in the face is also a crime, but shouldn't be.


Hey Capgun...I get what you are saying, and from what I see, the intention of the site is to put a magnet on the car, take a pic and post to the site...the magnet peals off. The stickers are NOT meant to put on strangers cars, but for the buyer to use on his or her own car and to give as gifts.


Back in the 80's I had business size cards that I found at Spencer's Gifts that had a similar saying (If you PONIES like you park, you must never get it in!). I only used 2 of them (placed under the windshield wiper) but they were well deserved. Wish I had them still. It seems as I get older, people's ineptitude annoys me more.


@capguncowboy: Yeah, I'd rather just put a flyer under the windshield wiper. That way both parties aren't d-bags. Enjoyed the website though.


@capguncowboy: Also parking illegally is after all illegal so defacing the vehicle will have to suffice since parking police did not do their job. Should be considered similar to a citizen's arrest.


Right, so as much as I would LOVE to use the sticker...the magnets don't deface and easily remove with no issues...though initially I am sure the d-bag thinks it is a sticker.


If I knew someone had the magnets, I would park like a "d-bag" and receive free magnet.