dealsemachines 15.6" eme627-5279 laptop pc with amd…


This is a solid deal, might actually go in and see if I can snatch one, if not, there are other laptop/netbook deals all over the place on the web within the next few days.


I assume most people know about this one already but if not it is a really good deal.


I read that this deal is only in the store & not online. Which means...yea, you have to get your butt up really early & wait in line.


W-M is losing $125 on each unit. And if you refuse the EULA, you can ask for a refund for Windows 7, from eMachines.


could be a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't waste your time Walmart gave out vouchers the day prior to the sale and they are all gone!!!


Went to the local Wal-mart at 2AM and was fourth in line for one of these. My niece came later and was twentieth. The store only had 22 on hand. Good deal and worth the wait in line.