dealsthe elder scrolls v: skyrim collector's edition…


Yes! Thank you! I have other games to play so it's been hard to justify buying Skyrim, and I told myself I wouldn't do it until a GotY edition or if the Collector's Edition reached a very low price. This works!

insert Fus Ro Dah joke here
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@zyxomma100: Woo! Talking to myself! Picked it up at store today. I've only had time to do an unboxing (and reboxing, I'm moving soon), but I'm impressed. The mountain stand is just a cheap chunk of plastic, but the dragon itself is impressive. I've ever owned a figure like this before, but it sure seems like a ton of work went into it. Very detailed.

The artbook is also very nice, and they even went all out on the map. While Morrowind and Oblivion Collector's Editions simply came with a standard paper map, Skyrim's came with a textured old style paper map. Unfortunately, it's folded, but I'm not really complaining.

I'm happy with the purchase, and I haven't even put the game in yet, ha.


In for two. I figure I'd save one for a couple of months and sell it on ebay and hopefully recoup some money; it's kind of a gamble but I can always return it to Best Buy if I get cold feet.