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Contrary to many nay-sayers, Windows 8 is not that bad. Yes, some of the design choices could have been better done for non-tablets, but those are mostly customizable options. Overall, I am finding Windows 8 has given me a speed boost for my basic three year old PC when compared to using Windows XP. Also, I'm finding a lot of little neat features that overall add more positive than negative to the experience. The main reason I upgraded is because the XP end of support deadline is coming sooner than later and I figured I might as well get the newest operating system - especially since it's so much cheaper than Windows 7.


I agree, I quite like windows 8. If you have half a brain you will pick up the functions quite quick. There was no learning curve despite what some say. It all just intuitive.


I'm a network administrator for a billion dollar company. Windows 8 is bad for businesses. It may be OK if all you want is to look at cat pictures, but for graphic design, system administration, security, etc., 8 is terrible. It's mediocre as a tablet vs. Android or Apple, it's functionally more difficult to operate on a desktop. I've used it for a couple of months & have given it an honest try. It would be easier to roll out Linux to the desktop than 8.


I'm a housewife who looks at cat pictures all day, and I LOVE Windows 8. I have a live tile that gives me new cat pictures every day!


@broadsword85 Have you looked at any of the enterprise deployment tools? The new tools make Windows 8 the easiest to deploy and manage in large scale environments. The new Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is way better than anything else on the market and it's totally free. You can even pre-install the cat picture app so all your users have immediate access to hundreds of thousands of pictures of cats. Our productivity has shot through the roof now that our end users don't have to search for them online anymore.


These comments make me sick. Apparently all of you elitists have forgotten about the other half of the world that does not like cats and only likes dogs. I hate how big software forces their ailurophile agenda on us canophilists. I will not partake in this Windows 8 fancy feast.


@globalhavoc: $10 is worth a little hassle to me, but point taken.


I'm a Sys Admin and I switched my Desktop and Ultra Portable to Windows 8. Both received a performance boost. I pretty much never leave the desktop side. Got the start menu back for $5 from a third party vendor (the free option has some weird bugs -- like closing windows randomly). Other than that it's all keyboard shortcuts for me anyways. The truth is if you don't like the new Windows 8 interface you never have to step foot in it. Then you just get longer support while working in a familiar interface along with a modest performance boost.


Never, never, never, never again will I do rebates. Will not shop at Brandsmart USA because of all their rebate garbage.


It would be easier to roll out Linux to the desktop than 8.

I'm dual booting Linux and 8....Finally made Linux Mint Cinnamon my default desktop.

8 is neat and seems faster than XP but Lunux is just so fault free compared to 8.

Give it some time to mature and after some decent Windows Phones and we'll see.


While Newegg allows 5 purchases at $69.99, the Microsoft $40.00 rebate appears to be only one per household


I've been using Windows 8 for a month or so on two computers, and I actually like it. I use a start button add-on called Start8 which I got for $4.50 (taking that out of Windows 8 was stupid), but other than that, I've been very happy with the new OS. I don't use the live tiles (they're pretty useless, in my opinion), and with Start8 I never have to see them. Performance-wise, Windows 8 been very fast, and I've encountered very few problems.

With the extremely low price of the upgrade, I'd have to say it's worth it. Just my two cents.


Per the rebate form:

There is a limit of (1) rebate card(s) per item, and a limit of (1) per address

I'm in for 1. The Microsoft offer is for a download. $10 more if you want a disc mailed.


Looks like its dead.

I only see it for 69.99