dealsvizio vsb200 hd sound bar - srs trusurround hd…


I just bought this a month ago and need to return it, even though it is very elegant looking and could do the job.

If your TV has RCA audio output you're probably okay with this.

If your TV has only optical audio output you may be out of luck. It requires the old audio signal generated from analog TV signals, not digital TV signals. Some TVs can put out both signals. Mine can only put of the digital. Check your TV before buying.

PS I found a converter on Amazon for about $40 and Visio sells one for about $100. Not worth the added cost and hassle.


Website says $40 after mail in rebate. $70 before.


@kinderdm: Apparently, they bumped the price up. I'll expire. Thanks for the catch.


@SBDB: I bought one about 6 months ago from CompUSA, tigerdirect's sibling company. The product was refurbished, like the one in this deal, and works perfectly. The soundbar has two a/v inputs, one optical audio input and one stereo input (for computers, ipods, etc.). I use the soundbar to replace the factory speaker on a projector in my living room and I couldn't be happier!