deals8-32gb transformers ravage usb flash memory stick…


I have one of these, bought it a long time ago. It does actually stand up. Somewhat annoying to get the retractable plug out for the memory card, but I enjoy the novelty of the look.


Keep in mind these are all fake knock-offs. The original went for about $45 new and were only available at 2GB. These are much larger physically, made with screws instead of bolts, have white plastic legs (despite pictures showing the authentic version) , have off-color larger logos, and are have a different body shape and head. Kinda disappointed that Woot would advertise inexpensive and cheap wholesale fakes as a "deal".


@tigersbite: Woot isn't advertising this. Deals.woot is just a place where people can post deals they find other places. It shows up on the main page if lots of people upvote it. If you don't think it's a good deal then down vote it so other people will know. It's a community thing.